Methyl WHAT???

  1. Methyl WHAT???

    I don't know a whole lot about chemistry so this might be a stupid idea, but it sounds interesting to me. With all the methyl-ph's out now and new ones coming, how about methylating 6-oxo or formestane for a super anti-estrogen? Or maybe 7-keto or it's derivitives. Could create a super potent compound??? Does anybody know what these compounds would do or if they exist?


  2. i dont think methyling a product would necessarily make them stronger....but more bioavilable for sure.

  3. yeah it's not gonna make them strong anti-es
    it just makes them more bio-available so they wont' get broken down into being useless.

  4. also more liver toxic

  5. Originally posted by mass_builder
    also more liver toxic
    exactly. therefore its kinda pointless.. especially when things ilke nolva and such are so cheap..

  6. Remember, these compounds have to fit inside a receptor and any substituent addition will affect its ability to bind.

    As was posted above, with the availability of liquid research products there is no need for methylated 6-oxo.



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