6 week M-1T Cycle

  1. 6 week M-1T Cycle

    Given the length of steroid cycles, why exactly would extending a M-1t cycle be so damaging given proper care?
    I'm two weeks into a cycle now(20mgs ed) with 2 topical fina/4ad doses ed.
    It's only today that I've really seen significant results (in the gym.... I have had body comp results:up 5 pounds... although I LOOK 10 pds up!).
    One mitigating factor has been MAJOR appetite suppression... which has kept total calories only around 300-500 over maintenance.
    But has been the same (slow) response I've always had with compounds.....SO... I'm really thinking about extending this. How does this strike experienced users?

  2. there are some pro steroid users who used every oral steroid out there d-bol, anvar ........ect. but when they used M1T they couldnt tolerant its side effects. its very potent and liver toxic. running a long cycle can produce a unacceptebale risk of hypototoxity. that reminds me of oral trenbolone!

  3. yea i am one of them ....i have used both anavr and d-bol nd m-1-t has so far been the harshest sides wise..i even droped my dose from 20 mg to 10mg..i am going ot keep 10mg for a 4 weeker and see how it goes..

  4. rockky.. as you might know im one of the less experienced users but i ahve used 10mg and i am currently using 20 and i am seeing more of your type of results.. i have no sides and im not seeing the type of gains others are.. i honestly think it depends on the person and how sensitive they are to androgens.. as far as toxicity goes i believe its the same for everyone regardless of sensitivity (not including those with predisposed liver disease) so i guess what im saying is if you feel that your not hurting your liver too much and are able to tolerate 20mg then go for it..

  5. Ive used drol, dbol, and winstrol. Nothing made me feel ****tier than 20mgs ed of M 1-T. That being said, to those who tolerate it, I think optimally 30-50mg ed for 4 weeks would produce better results. Hepatoxicity is highly overrated, IMO.

  6. welcome prolang


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