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  1. hey whats up guys im new i saw this thread and i had to post. I started lifting weights about 3-4 years ago, just to supplement my submission fighting. Then the submission fighting was supplementing my weightlifting, and well now im a complete iron addict i live the lifestyle. anyway my point is when i started lifting i weighed 165 i now weigh 235 on a 5'7 frame, (im still not strong or big enough) ive done it all natural. Believe me im deffiantly not the poster boy for great genetics could be the poster boy for hard work and determination though im not anti gear not in the least i just think you should take your body to your natural limits before hopping on that wagon.

    take it eaz

  2. i agree, i beleive you cannot stereotype someone with their weight. some are more gifted than others, some bigger frames than others. I started lifting about 7 years ago. I was a measly 120 pounds at 5'8"...I worked my way up to 170 around 10% bf (same bf as when I was 120), that I gained a good 50 pounds, not to mention my legs were already big at 120 due to playing soccer and track for atleast 10 years prior.

    Therefore, I am under 180 pounds, but I feel that I am not stupid when turning to ph's...

  3. You guys are right, i didn't mean it to be a stereotype based on the guy's weight or size. I think anyone can tell by his posts that he is a beginner though, & probably needs to consider many other things before jumping into M1t.

    I have seen so many hit the juice, or now PHs as an easy way out. They gained the 10-15 lbs then lost it 2 months later. Its the lifestyle & dedication that's important. Not the PHs or one's weight. Just trying to be helpful, though it may not have sounded that way. I wish I knew what I know now when I was 22.

    If a guy feels that he is ready for the next step & is over 21, more power to him regardless of weight. Just start small with androgens & work your way up.

  4. Originally posted by Longdog
    Redman- It's pretty clear from your posts that you are a novice. It's humorous that your posts pop up in a thread ridiculing beginners looking to M1t for a quick fix.

    You say you've been lifting consistently for a while. How long is that? It better be several years at your age if you're ready for androgens. Get your diet & training & check. 155 lbs is nowhere even close to maxed out naturally.

    M1t is by no means for novices, & it's definitely not for a 1st cycle. This is not just another supplement, it is a highly potent drug. You're 155 lbs & never heard of nolva, but are ready for m1t? If you must try PHs, start with 1ad/4ad like everyone else & work your way up. You have no idea how your body will react to this substance with no experience.

    Do some research before you post. Then you can ask educated questions & not come off like an idiot.
    WHEW!.. thought I was alone on this for some reason.


  5. Originally posted by cookmic5

    WHEW!.. thought I was alone on this for some reason.

    Nah, I'm with you bro. It's just this instant gratification society that we live in. Everyone wants to be Mr. O, and hardly anyone wants to actually have to work to get there. Unfortunately it's this attitude that will get PHs banned (I am knocking on wood).

    And a quick word to redman - DIET! You want to lose bodyfat? Check into a CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet). Works great for me.
    You want to bulk up? Eat up bro! You want all out mass? Try 1.5-2g of protein for every pound you weigh, and at least that many carbs. Concerned about getting (or adding to) the ole spare tire? Just cut some of the carbs down (and try to get them in earlier in the day, that way they'll be spent by the end of the day). Bro I cannot tell you how important this is - postpone the PH . . . FOOD will give you all the growth you need. If you stall, try eating more protein and you'll be on the right track. Hoped this rant helped you (or at least someone out there).


  6. I wanted this to be a forum for the young bodybuilder to understand that taking gear is only the last resort. As longdong mention you have to max out your natural potential first.

    As for gear M-1-t is low on the to tam pole but can and will cause side effects for the novice.
    Please take care of you body guys.
    I have been there over the years. If you plan on competing and or have some killer stats and have max out you normal body potential then maybe there is need for gear but it must be done correctly and monitored strictly to understand the effects and results and remember the drug testing schedule prior to competition.

    As for m-1-t there should be little sides if not abuse. Remember 21 and up only use and really think if it worth the risk

    Diet (2grams of protein per lbs of body weight)
    Routine (per size)
    Add proper natural supplements.

  7. Well since this is my first post and im new to this board I would like to say hi and make this a good post..
    I agree with the fact that people my age should not be using PH's or AS's..
    Im 18 years old and ive been doing research on AS and PH's for the last maybe year and a half.. I dont plan on doing anything until im 27-28 years old.. But I think if somone is 20 years old, decently built, has a good diet, trains right, gets enough rest, and is able to tell you every single little side affect, and everything about what they are going to be using, also are going to be using it responsibly than I think its their choice. I know so many kids my age that are turning to that stuff for a quick fix.. They ask me how i manage to gain 2-3lbs every month of lean mass since summer till now.. I tell them its all about diet, rest, and training!! They just say well im gonna use some test, nolva, hcg.. Then I ask them with a smile on my face.. " Why exactly do you need nolva and HCG in your cycle?" They cant reply.. They just change the subject! That is pure stupidity!!!! anyways I think I made my point at how everyone my age is looking for the easy way out and im not going to do the same ...

    Hope I made sense so nobody thinks im nutz for being this young and posting and viewing these posts about steroids and prohormones..

    -Krazy K-

  8. Great point Krazy-K

    Keep doing your routine it sounds like you know your body.
    You will know when you have maxed out you natural capacity and thats when you need to look for some gear.
    Remember to keep your protein level very high 2grams per lb of body weight. This will add in the mass building.
    Also M-1-T is mostly hype! Trust me I never could imagine me and my lifting partners sitting around taking about a cycle of M-1-T.

  9. Mostly hype? How do come to this conclusion?

  10. The statement was made do to the fact that most of the people that are on these boards are young people looking for the quick fix.
    And M-1-T is not the quick fix and nor is it a perfered product by anyone who knows gear.
    Thats why!


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