next cycle?

  1. next cycle?

    i just finished a spawn cycle, i gained 15lbs and strength is at an all time high. I was wondering whats out there that would give equal or better results. my only exp. is methyl 1-d which was a waste of cash and spawn. i know its a big jump from m1d to spawn but my friend sold it to me for $30

  2. m-drol, p-plex

  3. together? i have been reading up on p-plex seems like everyone is happy with it

  4. i wouldnt do those two together until you run them alone seperately. those both would give great results.

  5. thanks ill do some research

  6. mmm spawn sounds good

  7. put some before and after pics up bro

  8. hmm ill try to find some before pics ill take some after pics tonight


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