Wanting cycle no 2

  1. Wanting cycle no 2

    Well in Feb it will be almost 5 months since coming off my first cycle of 475mg of Enanthate,200 prop, and 200 deca per week. I capped off the last four weeks with winny drinking 50mg a day. I didn't notice anything from the winny which is why next time I will inject. I think the BA was too high in my winny and caused way too much pain to inject so I thought I would drink.

    I was 150 when I started and am sitting at 168 as I type which is what I expects to keep since it has been a while. I used clomid as a postcycle and didn't notice any mood swings, visual disturbances etc...

    I am thinking of my second cycle and want to make better decisions than I did for my first.

    I think I want to run deca in the next cycle and I want to add some test. I don't want to do too much but I want it to be enough. I was originally thinking:
    4 weeks of M1T at 10mg ed
    400-deca both for 10 weeks starting the same time as M1T
    and capping off with 100mg EOD of winny

    I am thinking that might be a bit much given my size and experience. Should I drop the test down. I am curious to see how I react to a good amount of deca not like the first cycle.

    Should I consider any other steroids like EQ or Fina?

    Please give me your thoughts

    Also during the cycle I broke out in acne pretty bad which is one reason I was thinking about lowering the test as opposed to the deca. Also the reason I want to start in Feb so if I do break out again I will have time to get rid of the acne before summer
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  2. Just to add my first cycle was from homemade and my second cycle I want to be from quality companies no matter what the cost. I want to know I am getting quality

  3. just curious what is your height?

  4. 5' 7.5'' 5'8 on a good day

    I know many will say I have alot of growing to do on my own but to late I am set in what I am going to do. The fact is I worked my ass off during the last cycle and love having good motivation to do it.

    Since I am going to do another cycle I just want to make it the best possible with the most information

  5. Just a quick comment, I will add more later.

    If drinking winny was not very effective for you, then inejcting the same dosage will most likely not be any more effective. I would suggest simply not using it.

  6. Yea that may be true but I am not sure accurate the dosing in the one I took was since is was a homebrew (that I didn't make). I will be going with a well known company if I choose to do it again.

    If I do cut it out what else might you suggest. I know that ending on a fast acting compound is good because it won't linger around when I am coming off.

  7. I think you should jsut do Test and Deca(or EQ).

    I feel you are making things to complicated. Test and Deca is all you need and lots of food.

  8. With what amounts?

  9. Test: 500mg
    Deca: 400mg or EQ:400mg

    I still grow off of these dosages.

  10. One thing I would say that is a bit different but a great cycle in my opinion is fina 75mg EOD deca at 600 I dont see the effects at 400 and 500 of test enth is fine. I agree winny should be thrown out. It is not a great drug in my opinion and is better for different reasons than size. Just make sure you do the fina 3 on 2 off or 2 on 2 off or what ever you can afford. I am a strong believer in fina as I used to take it years ago as parabolin before it cane off the market and then as fina later on in life. I always got hard and strong. Although I never really saw too much residual size the strength and muscle hardness was well worth the doseage and money. As for deca this is a long acting drug so not only is it good for the muscle building but great for joints and so on. But again I have never had results on much less than 600 mg a week. You might be different but that is just my opinion. my one question is why no orals? If you want something quick acting you might want to try some orals in there as well!


  11. whale,

    you asked why no orals. Well I am itching to try the M1T. I am thinking of 10mg ed for 4 weeks. I am not worried about shut down because I will be shut down from the deca anyway which will be run for probably 10 weeks.

    I am not to familiar with fina. How would you set up that cycle.

  12. i would start with 75 or so depends on the make every other day. I would do it for 3 weeks on 2 off starting at the start of other drugs. then 3 back on. If your not so worried about the shut down as you say. Some people get a bit short tempered on it so watch that as well. I know I do but hey that is what we are all about right just pick the weights to get mad at not other humans Anyway if you need anymore info PM me.


  13. I agree with whale on the tren.. also if you need any other help.. hit me up also.. tren is one of my favorites...

  14. Even experienced AAS should, emphasize should, be able to grow off a simple Test/Tren cycle. If you cant gain off of 500mg of Test and 100mg of tren eod, you need to take up badminton or my personal favorite shuffleboard.

  15. LOL.. badminton is the game..


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