t3 advice during test cycle

  1. t3 advice during test cycle

    i was planning to run t3 while running test e later on in the cycle.
    but my goals are more for like quality lean mass i dont really wanna put on 20 to 30 pounds, more like 10 to 15 and lose some bf. would that be possible or should i just save it til a cutting cycle later on?

  2. T3 is recommended to be run with test because T3 is very catabolic. When mixed with an anabolic steroid though, it overrides the majority of T3's catabolic properties.

    So yes, you can run T3 with your test.

  3. if i have clen and t3
    i was thinking of running t3 for the last 4 weeks then clen 2 weeks into pct then off 2 weeks and then maybe one more round. u think with proper diet i wouldn't lose to much of the gains i got while on cycle.

  4. Definitely use clen through the beginning of your PCT to help preserve gains while mitigating all those extra calories you'll still be eating. Otherwise, cortisol would eat away your gains and pack back on some fat.

    T3 should really be reserved for during the cycle or in conjunction with Clen. Alone, its catabolic. You could honestly run clen through your whole 6 week PCT so long as every third week you dose keto or benadryl ED. While clen's anabolic properties haven't been proven in humans, people swear by it on longer cycles.

    Take your temperature and BP often.

  5. weight shift covered it....



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