4 week cycles mit

  1. 4 week cycles mit

    has any of you bros done a 4 week cycle of mit? im thinking of doing a 4 week cycle at 10 mgs and post with 6 oxo. i would rather do a 4 weeker as opposed to the 2 on 1 off 2 on because you have to do a post cycle on the week off in between and im trying to hold on to my 6 oxo for other cycles in case the ban comes on . i hear some guys saying you dont need to post cycle on the week off in between because its not enough to shut you down . then others say you should . would like to hear some comments on this so i know what the best would be . thanks

  2. i took some nolva for like 4 days PCT after my 2 weeker at 10mg.. but i feel i didnt need it.. i never felt a shutdown.. im currently doing a 4 weeker at 20mg but im only at day 6.. so we will see how it goes..

    i didnt notice much on the 2 weeker at 10.. im taking 4-ad along with it by the way.. there are a lot of bros on here taking 4 weekers..

  3. LMD -- what M1T are you using -- kilo, LGs, etc.?
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  4. meso labs... from lg's

    im trying not to make assumptions until ive tried it for the entire 4 weeks though..

  5. I have done 20mg at four weeks and I am on day 22 of four weeks at 10mg.

  6. Just curious why your using 6oxo insted of Nolva or Clo since it is so readily available

  7. im using 6 oxo because i want to keep it legal ,im paranoid i guess.

  8. how are nolva and clomid readily available? aren't they only available through a source?

  9. im using 6 oxo because i want to keep it legal ,im paranoid i guess.
    Umm, m1t is now illegal. It's illegal to possess and/or use, even if it was purchased legally before the ban.


  10. bro, you're posting in a thread 2 months old

  11. Damn, with all the new members the old stuff is getting drudged back to the top. My bad.


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