epi dosing

  1. epi dosing

    got 4 days left and im currently on 30 mg but wana bump to 40 mg.

    the dosing question would be :

    can i do

    10mg (morn) 6 hours later 20mg (pre workout) 6 hours later 10mg

    dosing should be 6 hours apart but just curios on this since i couldn't find no answer.

  2. Nothing wrong with that. You're suppose to take the bulk of your PH prior to your workout, so it looks good.

  3. I don't think it matters. I used to take them all pre workout

  4. I do 2 in the AM, then one 6-8 hrs later, then 1 right before lifting.

    Once I start 50mg I'm gonna do 2 AM, 2 more 6-8 hrs later, then 1 before working out.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  5. allright guys thanx for the responses just took 2 right now i feel it. i also feel a bit of lethargy too.

  6. Pick up some DHEA and take 20mgs or so. You can safely take upwards of 50mgs. Depends on how quick it picks you up.

  7. 1 morning 2 preworkout and 1 a few hours later worked great for me


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