Fina color difference

  1. Fina color difference

    I got two batches converted the same way
    one is nice and yellow, slightly cloudy, but still pretty lucent
    the other is a dark brown, still lucent but dark
    I think I used 5ml of magic solution instead of 3ml on the second batch could that cause the color difference?

  2. did you use heat on the second batch, because heat used to help dissolve does cause a color change..and from what I understand it is still good to go

  3. Actually I did, the first batch I crushed the pellets, the second I just put in to dissolve and used heat a couple of times.


  4. The heat did it.. I know the times I have made it.. I have let is sit for a day or longer to dissolve and I have the best looking yellow color

  5. use the methyl alcohol conversion methold to make pure crystal tren from finaplix-h. then mix that powder tren with oil/ba/bb. you end up with yellow colored solution that is pure as snow.

  6. yea I let my pellets sit overnight sometime longer, and I end up with nice golden color tren, very nice looking!
    The first time I rushed the process, and it looked very dark, also I did not use heat. Hope this helps.

  7. Has anyone made a batch that remains cloudy?
    Once I heat it up, it becomes clear again.

    The first batch I made from FinaPlix-H cartridges.... I went through the whole process and the fina remained clear..

    This time I converted 10g's of pure powder (120ml @ 83.3mg's per ml).
    I skipped the coffee filter process... the powder was very fine.

    Should I be worried? I've already done 2 injections.

  8. This is my second batch... While Hot

  9. This the same batch... Cold and Cloudy.
  10. Exclamation

    Little help someone.....
    If there's a problem w/ the fina I'ma need to do something...

    So far I've made injections into both tri's and both bi's... No abnormal soreness or swelling.

  11. I might refilter it


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