anavar + antibiotics

  1. anavar + antibiotics

    I just started anavar cycle. I am on 1st week 5mg, only side effect I have is acne wchich I had even before. I am thinking about add antibiotics {keflex} as a acne threatment.
    Is it Ok to take both together?

  2. anavar @ 5mg?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    anavar @ 5mg?
    I would assume the OP is a chick, otherwise the dosage would be pointless.

    Anyways, considering that a 5mg dose is what they give AIDS patients who are usually on ton of other meds, I think it would probably be safe. I wait for other opinions before going ahead with it though.

  4. I forgot to say...5mg just 1st I am going to jump up to 10mg.

  5. i see no conflict with the compounds. but im not a doctor.

    5-10mg is really really low for anavar....are u a girl?(serious)

  6. yes I am girl. 28, 5'6..135lb??
    is this dosage OK? 10mg of anavar?

  7. Yes, 5-10mg seems to be a common dose for females. I remember reading a log about another female on the board, Crader, running var. I don't remember the specifics but you should be able to find it with the search function using the terms 'Crader' and 'anavar.'


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