splits/rest on cycle

  1. splits/rest on cycle

    I've been reading and thinking about this for a few days now and can't make up my mind so I am asking here.

    Yes, I've searched.

    How do you usually lay out your splits during cycle and how often do you have rest days? Part of me wants to do 5on-2off, part of me wants to do 4on-1off, and another part of me wants to do 2on-1off.

    Obviously the right answer is finding a balance between pushing yourself and optimizing rest periods/off days.

    How do you feel about this?

  2. personally i do 5 on 2 off. been doing it a while and seems to work well. i dont change it on or off cycle, but i will rotate days, add weight, and add volume when on cycle

  3. I dont change my routine at all, with the exception of the intensity goes up a little...I also add in slightly more volume to try to take advantage of the enhanced recovery...


  4. Might depend, on SD i wasn't usually sore and so I would train 5 sometimes 6 times a week, just hitting up whatever isn't too sore. My legs and chest take longest to recovery, everything else is pretty quick, on SD I could hit things repeatedly, loved it.

    I think if your recovery is that improved, you should take advantage of it by lifting more days per week. Normally I only lift 4 days a week and right now it's only 3x a week, on a bulk I would aim for 5, split however.
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  5. I am more concerned with growth than I am with recovery. Sometimes even off cycle I feel I could go back to back with the same muscle groups.

    I just want to be sure I allow for optimal growth time.

  6. I train the same on cycle as I do off. I find that this is the perfect balance, and the only "adjustment" I make is the intensity in which I am working out. This has always worked best for me. I tried changing my routine while on cycle and it was my worst cycle ever.
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  7. 5 on 2 off. on cycle volume is increased as well as progessivly heavier weights.

  8. I agree with holyintellect & natty...I just up the weights, intensity, and volume. I think once you find a split/scheme/protocol that fits with your lifestyle and recovery, just amplify it a bit while on cycle.


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