What time to take M1T?

  1. What time to take M1T?

    I've read some of you guys are taking it in the morning and some before bed. I'm only doing 10mg so would it make any difference taking it at night in regards to the lethargy issue?

    BTW, I started my 8 week cutter of 325mg test enanthate, 300mg 1-test-cyp, and 10mg ed m1t (probably will do 2-on-2-off, or maybe take it the last two weeks up til clomid). Will keep you all posted of my results if you're interested. Main goals are decreasing body fat % (currently sitting at around 10% or less while increasing strength and, ideally, maybe adding 5lbs muscle.

  2. Post your log and keep us informed! Knowledge is power and your input as to use as a cutting agent is valuable.


  3. You can take it before bed to help avoid the lethargy. If you take it an hour or so before you work out you will be tired as hell but ironically your workout will be a lot stronger. At least that has been my experéence. When I took it before I worked out I felt like I might fall asleep on the bench, but even though I felt that way I could still lift more than if I took it before going to bed the day before.

  4. One In the Morning before Breakfast, and One before bed.

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