Increase Endurance!!!

  1. Increase Endurance!!!

    Hey guys,
    I wondering is there any PH's out they're that are good for increasing endurance, say for example running, or swimming? I am interested in a PH's that is good for recovery, and endurance more than anything else. I am not looking to gain much weight. Thank you for any response. Also I have access to everything for a proper PCT (serm, estrogen blocker, cortisol blocker, natural test booster.) MArk

  2. No PH or DS is going to make a serious improvement in endurance, especially if it's Methylated.

    EPO would be what you are looking for.... or Deca

  3. Bold might work. Boldenone is supposed to increase red blood cells, promoting better endurance. Perhaps someone who has actually used it might offer their opinion.

  4. EPO (Erythropoietin) would be your best bet. I've seen triathletes use low dose nandrolone/equipoise cycles with good success. If your tested you'll want to think twice, nandrolone metabolites stay around for quite awhile.

  5. I wouldn't use any designers for running/swimming. Back and leg cramps are a common side effect w/ these, I know its inhibited some of my cardio. I could see this causing you a problem if your competing.

  6. Thanks for the replys. I thought about it, and i dont really no alot about these other compounds like EPO. So I think my best bet is to just stay natural. I have never used anything such as AS, or Ph's. I was just seeing if any had a positive effects on endurance, and recovery, that are mild on the liver, and HTPA. I guess what I was looking for dosent exsist. So thanks for your help. Mark


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