M-1T and 1,4-ADD

  1. M-1T and 1,4-ADD

    I decided on taking 10 mg of M-1T for 2 on, 2 off, 2 on then taking 6 weeks off and repeating.

    I was thinking of taking 1,4-ADD at 100 mg for everyday that I take the M-1T. Does this sound like a good combination, and would the 1,4-ADD help with lethargy? I've read some cycle logs and donít think I've found this combination yet.

    I'll be taking NAC, multi-vit and a bunch of other little sups to help my body along during the cycle. During the 2 weeks off should I be taking as much Nolva as I during my PCT? Should I be using 6OXO or something else in-between the weeks?

    Thanks guys

  2. This sounds like your first cycle, I could be wrong. If so this may be a little strong for you.

    Anyway. . .post your stats so we can help out some more

  3. I'm 21 years old about 159-164 at 5'8
    I currently lift 1 body part a day per week.
    I am also doing anywhere from 4-7 days of grappling (wrestling/sub-wrestling/bjj) a week, and will start running/sprints 2-3 times a week next week.
    I used to wrestle on the college level and am looking to put on some weight and gain a ton of strength, since I can finally do so. 2 years ago I did a little beginner cycle of just Omnadren for 7 weeks and did pretty well on that, although I had to cut weight about 6 months later and lost a lot of what I had gained.

    I'm looking to eventually get to about 180.
    As far as food goes Iím a pretty broke college student living off campus. I try to take in as much protein as possible and always hit 1g of protein/lb, but my diet is by no means clean. I take 1-2 35g whey shake a day and eat at least 3 met-rx protein bars a day on top of 4 meals of anything I can get my hands on. I really eat anything in front of me and never really gain weight; I have a really fast metabolism and float about 5 pounds a night.

    All I can think of at the moment.
    Thanks for the response.

  4. the 1,4 andro will help with an increase in appetite - don't think it'll be doing much for fighting lethargy. Take a transdermal 4AD to fight lethargy. or at least some sort of 4AD

    As far as your cycle plan goes, you should take more than 6 weeks off before starting again, this is a harsh compound for the liver and test supression, so the more recovery time you give yourself the better.
    For your off weeks go with 40 or 30mg mg ED of Nolva. You may want to use the 6 0X0 on the "off weeks" and save the nolva for the final PCT.

    bump for this guy's question

  5. 100mg of 1,4 seems a bit low. Why would you take so little?

  6. I doubt the 1,4 will help with lethargy although some people I have talked to swear it does. 100mg a day isn't going to do much of anything though. 300-600mg a day is common.

  7. Thanks for the respone guys

    if 300 -600 is common I guess I'll go with 300.

    Should I go with 2 on, 2 off (taking 6oxo), and 2 on again followed by Nolva, or should I just go for 4 weeks straight? Will the gains really be more solid, and would i really be helping my body by taking that 2 week break?

  8. I would go with 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for the simple fact that people's gains seemed to hault after 2 weeks. You could run it for 4 if you wish, but Methyl 1-test is very suppressive.. Either way I suggest Nolvadex over 60X0 for PCT. Methyl 1-test is a serious anabolic and really shouldn't be followed up with an OTC PCT drug.


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