problem ordering M1T

  1. problem ordering M1T

    ive been trying to order some M1t on and i keep getting a error message. has anyone else had this problem? i dont know if im allowed to post the source so if im breaking the rules then i apologize.

    this is the message ive gotten about 30 times now.

    OOPS! There is a problem:

    Your information provided on the following page doesn't match the username(email address) of the registered user.
    OOPS! There is a problem:
    deadlift or DONT lift

  2. Nope but you might want to ask kilosports about it

  3. Is this really a sticky in the PH forum?

  4. Don't know why its here.

    So I will move it
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  5. It may be that Kilosports is out of stock on the M-1-T yet has continued to take orders without telling them.

    If they are having ordering difficulties it serves them right...they should have the decency to tell them BEFORE THEY ORDER that they are out of stock.


  6. i ordered yesterday.......evey thing was ok expect that they charged me for the shipping

  7. i called them. guy was VERY helpfull they are out things should ship end of this week. they sold out SUPER fast. the guy is very open to questions. he probably should update his site if he's out, but i'm sure many owners don't run their own websites so maybe whoever made it for him can't update it daily when he sells out in 1 or 2 days.

    i just placed an order for 2 bottles.


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