testoviron depot and baldness

  1. testoviron depot and baldness

    first off id like to say hi as im a new user to this forum and i think its great....I am 38 and have been training now for 3 years, and have just started an 8 week course of testoviron depot (2x250ml per week) and what ive been reading that the most common course of side effect of this is baldness...the question is how long do you have to be taking this for your hair to start falling out..years or in a 8 week course,is this common, or does it depend on the person ..thanks

  2. steroids do not cause baldness. if ur predetermind to be bald then it will simply speed it up

  3. thanks for the reply nosnmiveins...if i do start to loose and stop taking will the progresion slow down again..

  4. there are certain research chemicals u can give ur "rat" to help prevent hairloss, but im not sure of the name

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