4ad oral?

  1. 4ad oral?

    finishing the last 4% off on a "cutting cycle" i 've been on since august. dropping 2lbs of bodyfat a week doesn't exactly boost strength. got the creatine going. like to use the homebrew cyclo-nordiol nose spray (sugar booger!) for a pre workout boost sometimes. i'm not clear, is there any benefit from oral 4ad for pre workout boosts here & there? i'm really trying to lay off consistent use of the hormonals until the new year & then hit the transderms & maybe m1t hard.

  2. I've used up to 1g of oral 4-ad a day, and no, the pre workout boost was nothing special.

    If you've not already built up a tolerance to ECA, than 200mg caffine + 50mg ephedra will give you a serious kick in the ass pre-workout.

  3. I tried 900 mg/day of oral 4ad & got no energy boost from it. I was taking (3) 300mg caps spread out, with one 30 minutes before training. Maybe if you took 600-900mg immediately before training, you'd get the effect you're looking for.

  4. try some inrage

  5. yeah, i kind of made my own. the nose spray helps the attitude somewhat! thanks dudes.

  6. what did you cycle look like with the 4ad?

    looking for info on:


  7. try some inrage, or physco-cyclo-1test from 1fast. It is dirt cheap and it works great. Other than that I dont think many other PHs would be good for preworkout, only those of androgenic nature.

  8. thanks guys, i was really just wondering about the negative aspects of doing oral 4ad. from what little i understand spiking your bloodstream with orals might end up as alot of estrogen?

  9. No real negatives except for the excessive amount you have to take to accomplish anything. I needed almost 2g per day.

  10. all that excess doesn't metabolize into unwanted stuff?

  11. Not for me. Might for others.


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