I need some advice. First I'll give my stats. 33- 5'7 -218lbs @ about 18-22% body fat. Been working out off and on for many years. Always trained on the natural. No Ph's or really any supplements. A little creatine and protein but never more than a few weeks on.
Always lifted with intensity and for strength. PR in bench 340 + deadlift close to 500 at one time. So, I think I have potential to really grow some more with legal "help". In my stash currently, I have Activate Extreme, Diesel Test, M-drol, epistane, 6-oxo plus superpump 250 and all of the ancillaries w/o serm, I am thinking about purchasing a cycle of 3-Ad and maybe decavol.
If you guys wanted to maximize your receptors and keep your body from not taking full advantage of the supplements. What supplement that I have mentioned above, would you take first and how much. 2. How long would you wait for the next product and which one should i use thereafter? 3. Last question, Any other products should I explore that is un-methylated. P.S. I don't think I'll mess with the M-drol. It spikes up your liver enzymes to much.