37yo... M1T cycle

  1. Post 37yo... M1T cycle

    Hi Guys,
    Started a 20mg M1T cycle yesterday:


    Flat bench:
    1RM @ 415

    Took 10mg in divided dose first day(10/31) and will take 20mg divided dose for the next 13 days. Had initially considered cycling with an aromatizing PH, but prefer to limit bloat. So nothing new here, although I'm older than most of you guys.

    I'll consider this a cutting cycle with a goal of reducing bf to 10% over the next 2 months. My gear experience has been a few Primo/masteron cycles in the last 10 years and two PH cycles in the last 2 years.

    Have Clomid for recovery and wrote a script for Finasteride, wife would **** if I started losing the hair.

    Open to suggestions/comments.

    Thanks all.


  2. A total newbie to the boards -- sorry f this post is misplaced! Mod, please place where appropriate, thanks!


  3. forgot to add, have been taking rhGH 1.5IU daily, 9days on/2 days off for 10 months.


  4. Good Luck!
    Keep us posted.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Day 3 at 20mg... EXTREMELY lethargic, no energy whatsoever, nauseous as hell. Chest day -- working sets up 10 pounds despite my lethargy, tossed my dinner on the final set -- enough for the day.

    Thinking of dropping the dose to 10mg daily, divided dose... Will depend on how I feel in the morning.

    Taking the following(daily) for liver support:

    800mg r-ALA
    600mg Silybin (most active Milk Thistle compound)
    240mg *emulsified* Co-Q10

    No lower back probs or any cramping has been noticed. I've never felt this lethargic in my life.


  6. Just a suggestion, but based on the logs of other m1t users you might want to try taking your dose a) not divided, lots of response on that actually just prolonging the lethargy, and b) either right away in the morning so hopefully it tapers off throughout the day or just before bed if it doesn't affect sleeping. Otherwise, g'luck and keep the log coming

  7. thanks Viking -- I'm a fellow-Swede -- and BrKonman, thanks for the encouragement.

    An update related to sides... my temporalis muscles are getting HUGE! These are the upper jaw muscles, and temd to increase in size with strong anabolics, mine have dramatically increased in size, IN ONE DAY!

    It looks really f*cked up right now... I'm usually not one to drop a cycle over something like this, but these aren't the muscles I was looking to grow.

    Gotta run,

  8. I think your better off at 10mg to start with and then moving up to 20mg if needed as you adjust. M1T is a potent bugger and jumping quickly to 20mg seems to be causing its share of issues.

    I would suggest dropping to 10mg or stopping your current cycle until the sides stop and then restarting at 10mg. It seems to me that those that started on a higher dosage experiened side effects that persisted to a degree even if they stepped down to a lesser, as opposed to those who started low and then moved up.

    I would also suggest trying to take one dose only right before going to bed to help with the lethargy.

  9. riskarb, just out of curiosity, where is the temporalis? Its hard to see from dissected rat faces Do you mean the masseter (sp?) muscle for the Arnold Swarhz look?

  10. Hey Tahq,
    yeah, started with 20mg but quickly lowered to 10mg in the morning... half-life seems about 6 hours or so -- my anecdotal notion based upon how long my lethargy lasts.

    Knowing that the sides accumulate in a somewhat linear fashion I was expecting some sides to appear with time, but the facial "deformities" are a bit much for me. I'm fairly experience with gear, but mostly with *mild* injectables, primo and the like... seems like methylated orals aren't for me.

    Damn, wish I had the digicam today, temporalis and lower jaw muscles are ridiculous -- I'm certain the rhGH has contributed as well(1.5IU daily)


  11. Marcus,
    sides of the temples:




    Which by the way are growing like a **** as well!! aargh!

  12. Strange...I thought that thick necks were more a symptom of steroid use not thick temporalis/masseter.

  13. my necks pretty thick, 19" at 215lbs/6'2" -- but my temp/mass. are looking pretty strange right now, damn frightening to watch me chew.

    Just something to look out for, certainly mine will return to normal off-cycle. Not trying to dissuade anyone from using M1T, **** is amazing. My experience is complicated with low-dose gh use, may be a big factor.

    Strength is through the roof. I've never seen body comp. changes this rapid, even with *real* gear. I have done one cycle of Dbol in the past, this **** blows it away, no doubt about it.

  14. Maybe its a powerful synergistic effect with GH, what else are you taking with m-1-t? Any test/4ad??

  15. nothing other than the gh, r-ala and some protein.

  16. Wow.
    A lethargic 37 year old swede with a pumpkin head.
    Probably not a huge demand for that.
    Good thing you are married.

    I have not seen the m1t /gh combination posted here or anywhere else nor I have seen the jaw muscle sides with m1t in any stack mentioned.
    Can't help you there, hopefully a bro out there has and can point you in the right direction.

    But for the lethargy, I wouldn't even consider researching m1t again without trans 4ad. In hindsight, I would start the 4ad 2 days before (instead of 3 days after) the m1t at 400mg a day to give it a chance before the fast acting m1t kicked in gear. Even starting it late it made all the difference in the world.

    An energenic 36 year old swede with bloat (and big shoulders).


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