Methyl 4OHN

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  1. It is a controlled substance in 2 states.... It was a comercially available steroid.... but you could probably get away with it. Mine was seized thouhg...

  2. Originally posted by
    Finally, although I think this compound has merit, unless you want to squirt milk from your fat tits, you might want to watch the progestenic sides... EDog
    For a guy selling gyno in a bottle (methyl 4-AD), this is pretty funny

    I asked Instynct if there was ANYONE on ANY board testing this........and he replied no......which sounds damn I'll pass for now.

    Now why isn't anyone doing another dry PH, like a methyl 1,4 diol?

  3. Anyone one have any idea how liver toxic this couold be? Would it be more like var or more like Anadrol?

  4. Equating m-4ohn to anavar sounds very attractive, but is it accurately describing all the potential side effects? Var has an advantage in that the androgenic sides are relatively mild and HPTA interference is less..

  5. Can't get 1,4 Diol to be stable from what I hear.


  6. Edog,
    How about Methyl Nor Diol then?

  7. Originally posted by Skark
    How about Methyl Nor Diol then?

    This can still aromatize,it will just be without androgenic sides from what I understand.



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