2nd cycle advice

  1. 2nd cycle advice

    Did a test e, deca and testex bulking cycle about 3 months ago went from 175pounds to 198 after cycle gradually dropped to 187 and am 190 now, the cycle was 10 weeks, am looking into next cycle.

    Am looking to do sus at 500 Mon-Thur, deca 200 EW, and test e EW. running for 12 weeks.

    would there be any pro's to upping my deca dose as well?

    didn't get many sides from last cycle part from balls shrinking and sweated like hell.

  2. That was a bad first cycle, but its done now.

    No point in running test e and sus....

    Deca needs to be higher, you wont get much out of 200mg/week deca other than joint aid.

    What is your height? Age? bf%? training experience? What was your PCT? What is your PCT plan for this 2nd cycle?

  3. deca is best dosed at 2mg per pound of bodyweight or 380mg ew for you, round to 400 that's what everyone does.

    Test and sus?! Test is test bro you don't need to stack two types of test together. Choose one or the other

    like Tnick said we need some of your stats to help you out more

  4. I'm 27 been training since i was about 18, but did alot of cardio as well due to me plaing football (soccer), so training was intense. last 5 years not done cardio just nuckled down and trained with weights last 3 years seen good rusults as my body starting to look good. only place i struggle to put mass on is my calfs, had small calfs to begin with but not really grown don't no whether it's because of the amount of running i used to do or what.

    I'm 6'1 and my body fat is 12%, gained bodyfat during and especialy after my cycle due to my calorie intake although they were clean i was eating alot.

    PCT was clomid, over in england thats what most of the guys i no use, and only use nolva if they see signs of gyno, so i started clomid 2 weeks afta last jab, nether lost libedo during or after and my balls slowly grew back althogh i don't think there back to old size yet. (maybe mind playin tricks on me)

    was meant to go on sus last cycle but the guy had run out but had testex so i researched it and found some good reports so went for it, could trust the guy i got them of so new they were legit.

    i was gona run test e with sus and deca due to other guys i no doing the same cycle.

    If i didn't run test e, would you recomend running just deca 400 EW and what would you say dosage for sus.

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