New Cycle Help for athlete

  1. New Cycle Help for athlete

    I am planning on starting a new upcomining stack.
    Back ground
    6 3
    11 BF
    Run a sports specific training style 3 days lifting 2 days of agility and cardio consisting of high intensity sprints and endurence work.
    I am looking to get up to 245 250 while staying same bf or less and a increase in strength and speed.
    Past PH cycles
    Epi 6 week
    sdrol 4 week
    epi/halo 7 week bridge with tren throughout the six weeks. AMAZING!

    I want to run a lengthy 8 week cycle with gains that arent so fast from a huge calorie surplus to achieve the weight gain and that i can maintain through out PCT.

    I want to run a dose of tren 90mg throughout for strength and leanness since my body responds so well to the substance ,
    So i need some opinions on a good methly bridge during the cycle . Hdrol didnt work well for me . Epi did . So i was thinking a pplex epi bridge for 8 weeks ?? Ideas

    PCT will be nolva with atd run inversely with nolva with a natty test booster, maybe virtex for prolactin, Cycle support ran throughout

    Thanks guys

  2. Hmm..

    Dermacrine stacked with 1-Androsterone for 8 weeks?
    Dermacrine stacked with Havoc for 8 weeks?
    Dermacrine stacked with "tren" for 8 weeks?

  3. I have ran tren in the past for 7 weeks with a epi halo bridge i am looking for either a 8 week meth bridge to go along with the tren if possible . Epi at 8 weeks ? anyone have input on that ? a 8 week epi tren cycle wouldnt be that harsh and could be maintainable gains .

  4. 8 weeks is too long on a methyl IMO. if u want to run longer cycles then go injectable

  5. No injectables .. i have ran 7 week meth bridge before with blood testing with no problems at all , and know many people who have . I really make sure i have proper support supplements pre-loaded through and in PCT to keep liver values . I am not saying to run 8 weeks with harsh supplements like sdrol by any means

  6. Anyone ??

  7. I don't think you're gonna get much help man. You won't take anyone's advice.

  8. 8 weeks is to long to run a methyl bro. Good luck.
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