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If your wise you would wait for until your closer till 21. The brain is developing till 21 years old and hormones directly influence this. Also your inner skeletal structure uually develops until this time even if your height isn't increasing since its the last to grow.

*sigh* where is john benz......
Right here!
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ok guys I Understand what you are saying now....... I dunno I think I might finish this bottle and then do a squirt/injectone in about 3 months when im better knowing what they do
noob, if you are this green about general steroid knowledge, you almost certainly have built no solid foundation. These prohormones are not a quick fix, but rather a tool for an experienced bodybuilder to use in breaking through a plateau. If you haven't been lifting for awhile, and don't have your diet and training dialed in, you are most probably just throwing your hard earned cash away. pjorstad is right, but in your case ph would not be right for you even if you were 25. You have to learn a LOT more, and get your foundation built.

At 19, even an experienced lifter will gain almost as fast without ph use. Notice I said almost. You have to ask yourself if the marginal difference in performance is worth the risk of possible side effects.