methyl 1-test and low back pain

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  1. Absolutely bizaare to me that someone could take methyl-1t and 500mg per day of 4ad and after 6 days, which is not even close to two weeks(make up your mind, has it been almost two weeks or 6 days?) and not even have gained water weight from the 4ad alone!

    What was your prior experience with other stacks? I'd assume this is *not* your first run at ph's or gear since you are using a very potent compound not meant for novies.

    Also, if you haven't gained an ounce of strength in 6 days(you hit all the original lifts again, in only 6 days?) regardless of androgens, your diet and training need a rework. If its been 2 weeks, even worse! Disregarding the androgens, most would say you should see better than this.

    Oh and
    "From all the reports I've read about this, I'm starting to think it's just a bunch of legalgear runners who post. "
    Haven't done much reading have you? Hell, even instynct over at animal's board is on the methyl 1-t bandwagon!

    This post is fishy. And not just because things that should be occurring regardless of androgens are failing, or the fact that 6 days and two weeks are suddenly interchangable, but more that so little research was obviously done as to make the above statement.

    Disclaimer: This was not a flame, I don't like to flame, and it probably has the tone of a flame, but it is really not intended that way. More of a good natured, inquisitive and baffled post.

  2. From the research I've done, most of the methyl 1test posts were followed by a legalgear posting. And being people said powernutrition sold the stuff, then when you visit their site, it says PRODUCT NOT FOUND and it doesn't exist, that was fishy to me. I've only seen legalgear carry the stuff or other private people.

    I've never seen anything from 1ad or 4ad. I'm only taking the 4ad to counter the sides and lethargy of the methyl 1test.

    As for my diet, it's posted on some other sites, and maybe it could use an improvement and maybe my training could use an improvement, however, it's worked for me in the past, so there really isn't a need to change it.

    I do a 4 day split, which i usually change every 4 weeks or less.

    I eat or drink eggs, chicken, steak, tuna & roastbeef & turkey sandwiches, as well as pasta and rice, veggies and fruit, along with oatmeal, milk, water, and i have 2 or 3 protein shakes per day.

    My diet may not be pefect, but just from my diet and hard training in the past i've gotten results.

    I'm not looking for incredible results in one day. I'm doing a 5 week cycle of methyl 1test and 4ad and hope to gain maybe 5 pounds.

    From all the research and posts i've read, people were claiming 5 or more pound gains in ONE WEEK.. I found these posts fishy.

    I've had succes with other 1test products in the past, but i've had very little results with 1ad or 4ad. And for the 1test products, i had to up the recommended dossages, because the recomended dossages did not work.

    Not saying these products don't work, i'm just saying, For me, the results were not worth the price of the product. Maybe i have to up the dossages on the methyl 1-test, but then that would get into the part of, NOT WORTH the money.

    After one week, i saw no results.

    I will continue my cycle through 5 weeks and then i will have a better opinion about the product.

    But so far, I am not impressed.

  3. Just a random thought, but assuming you are one of the unfortunate people that simply do not respond well to these types of tools, is it worth it to see virtually nothing over the course of 5 weeks, or up the dose and actually see some results over the course of 2 - 3 weeks? Just a thought. I know prolangtum heavily advocated 30mg for results, and he's a guy who's put a needle of everything into himself. :P He's not the only one who's pushing for 30mg, but then there are quite a few (such as Bobo) who's experience suggest hardly any difference between 30 and 10.

    I think rather than looking towards it not being worth it to up the dose, and run 5 weeks... why not just say how can I get the gains I wanted, regardless of length/dose, just to make it worth it to you.

    Oh, and dunno what the deal with the powernutrition thing is, I was reading their wonderful description last night, and about 5 seconds from ordering, but convinced myself to hold out a bit longer. From my standpoint on the training thing, if you're seeing no changes with or without androgens, thats a bad thing. One thing to keep in mind though, is that quite a number of reports are stating that they are seeing *less* strenght gains compared to tren, but crazier pumps etc. More muscle building/weight gain than strength bursts. Of course everyone reacts differently.

  4. perhaps your mommy has a block on websites with good gear. How bout you try this link tough guy. M1T

    As for results, your appearently doing something wrong. Im on my second cycle and loving the stuff. It has worked wonders for me. I dont take sides with anybody but myself and if LG was selling babby **** I would have no problem saying that but there not and your prior posts were definitly in the wrong for assumeing there out to screw people.

    Perhaps you should learn the basics before searching for a magic pill.

    Good luck with your 5 weeks,


  5. wow internet tough guys, never seems to amaze me.

    I guess they now have it at powernutriton. Because when i purchased m1t, legalgear had it and powernutrition did not.

    Not looking for a miracle pill, if you could read, you would understand that. As i said, i'm only looking to gain about 5 pounds in the 5 weeks.

    never said legalgear were out to screw people, just saying, there have been plenty of posts where the guy from legalgear could not answer legit questions by other people on this site and other sites.

    THe one guy who wrote his m1t cycle got a FREE bottle from legalgear. Hey the stuff might work, but there is a big difference when you get someting for FREE, then if you paid for it yourself.

    And a few other posts about the m1t cyle was by the same person, and then his threads were hijacked.

    Bobo and a few others had some good posts about the cycle, all i've been saying is, so far, after only one week, i have seen nothing.

    GO read some posts and many people have claimed, I GAINED SO AND SO POUNDS in ONE WEEK.

    that just makes me think the stuff is a scam when a few people start claiming ridiculous things.

  6. There are a few places that have it, not jsut legal gear... Power has it and so does Physical enhancement.... Instynct also sells it.....

    It is not bull****, I think you should go read up on your chemistry homework before you come here and try to flame people who ahve mcuh more knowledge and experience than you.....

  7. wow, now I'm flaming people. I haven't been flaming anybody. I've just been posting what methyl 1test has not done for me.

    The reason i purchased it was because of all the research and postings that I found and read. It seemed to be a very good product.

    So far, i am disappointed.

    Stop kissing everybodies behind and let people speak for once.

  8. Well I have been on for three weeks and I love the stuff, that includes getting the flu mid way through it. But the stuff is definately legit. And no I don't work for Legal gear and I payed full price.

  9. Since you're about the only person who I've read that has had no results you might be in that "Whodathunkit?" category.

    Even with a totally substandard diet and training regimen I would think people would gain a little. You might be burning fat as you're gaining muscle..just a thought. Or hell, it just might not work for you or maybe your gains will come during week two. The compound is too new for any definitive answers.

  10. I think bioman is pretty much on target with this one. Too new, too soon to know all the details. As he said, he's a poor respondent to some ph's, maybe it might just take an oddball dosage or such when compared to everyone else, in order to see the results. There's always someone in that "Nokidding, really?" category whenever a new compound comes out.

    EDIT: I stand corrected, as I was hoping I'd be :P
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  11. He's refering to the clown. The infamous bobo.

    What other experience with PH's or AAs's do you have? Im curious if you have made good gains off any. I have heard of some people not responding to extremly strong anabolics and maybe you fall into that group.


  12. Originally posted by pjam76
    I have been taking Methyl 1-test for 6 days now.

    I'm taking 20mg per day and also taking 500mg 4ad per day.
    I know you're primarily talking about the methyl 1-test, but I was wondering if your 500 mg of 4AD was oral or transdermal?

    If it's oral, after oral absorption and then conversion to target hormone you're getting less than 35 mg of test a week (approximation).


  13. i also got some pretty good backpain; and even now 3 days into PCT i'm still getting it mildly...
    its lower left side as described before...
    other sides are negligible

    pjam, you measuring your bodyfat? some people say they havent gained weight but have slimmed down... so they put on muscle, just also dropped some fat too

    i'd try upping your calorie intake and changing your workout schedule; were you gaining on your previous arrangement naturally? if not then you got the wrong diet/workout

  14. I posted on some other site about my experience with ph. 1ad and 4ad have really never done anything for me. I usually take 4ad just to counter the sides of test.

    As for 1test, i tried of few in the past and I got some good gains with vpx 1-test, but at a cost that was too ridiculous.

    I tried the recommended dossage of 4cc's or whatever it was, and that didn't do anything. So the next time i used it, I doubled the recommended dossage and I did see results. I gained about 15 pounds on that 6 week cycle. I was happy.

    However, the reason i haven't used vpx products again was because i needed to buy around 4 bottles at 100 bucks a pop to finish the cycle.

    Almost 400 bucks to complete a ph cycle is not worth it to me. The vpx 1test worked, but it was just too damn expensive in my opinion.

    As for me doing it naturally, i've made some gains here and there, so my diet is ok and my training is decent. I could always use some improvement here and there, but it's worked in the past and I usually switch my routines up every month or so.

    I'm taking the 4ad orally. Where I'm at, I haven't found any transdermals that don't cost under 100 bucks and i can get 4ad orally very cheap.

    From what i heard, i had to see if the m1t was all it's cracked up to be.
    Who knows, it's only been a week and a half now, so i shall see.

  15. You can find trans 4ad for thirty bucks online, where the hell are you looking. You could have got it at the same place that you ordered the methyl1test from dude.

  16. I usually dont buy that many things online. the M1T was the first prohormone that i did buy online. There are too many small supplement stores around me plus the vitamin shoppes, gnc, great earths, and rockbottom stores to bother with worrying about legit internet sites.

    Well my cycle is almost over now and it really hasn't done anything for me. I haven't had any gains, strength increases, or anything.

    I upped the dossage to 40mg per day, even did 50mg per day and somebody told me 4ad might counter what the M1t was doing, so I cut out the 4ad altogehter for a bit.

    The only effect i've felt was extreme lethargy. Even with the 4ad. I would take it in the morning, and right after, I'd feel extremely tired. I'd take it before workign out and it would just make my workout tired and not as intense. I would start working out and just feel extremely taxed and out of energy.

    So i took 4ad to counter the lethargy again and split the amouts over the entire day. Still, the lethargy is just too much for me.

    I mean i work 9-10 hours per day and then take some grad classes, so being tired all day isn't something for me. It feels like i'm in some fog I can't get out of my mind all day. I always feel tired and it feels like I never get any sleep.

    On weekends, I've slept later just to see if I can get some more sleep, but that didnt work, because the M1t just makes me so damn lethargic.

    Hey, if you want to try it, try it, but for me and most people who work all day and/or take classes at night, taking M1t is just not worth it. Makes you too damn tired and lethargic.

  17. Too seems to work really well for most..also seems to amplify the bad sides of 1-t. I think if someone gets lethargy on 1-t, m-1-t will most probably be worse.

  18. Originally posted by MarcusG
    Too seems to work really well for most..also seems to amplify the bad sides of 1-t. I think if someone gets lethargy on 1-t, m-1-t will most probably be worse.

    Oddly enough, I've seen / experienced the opposite. I know for myself and a few of my guinea pigs... erm friends... that T-1 Pro and some other 1-t transdermals kicked our asses with lethargy, so bad that everyone was hesitant to touch m1t if it could be worse. But after 2 weeks of doses ranging from 10 - 20 mg on multiple people, one person reported just-barely-there lethargy, and the rest of us felt 0, nada, not one drop. Anyone have any idea why standard 1-t would cause lethargy while m1t doesn't?

  19. Its so new there's no telling what it could be. Maybe the metabolites of M1T are less likely to cause lethargy or maybe since a lower effective dose is required for M1T there are fewer metabolites in general.

    I'm on day 3 of 10mg M1T and so far no lethargy. Yesterday I was even a bit jacked up and had trouble getting to sleep until I dosed some melatonin. I suspect that my low blood pressure might be preventing me from getting the lethargy that plagues people with normal to higher BP...but its kind of early to tell. So far no cramps or back pain, just sore legs from last night's squat/leg session.

  20. I'll have to agree with pjam76 ... I used it for two weeks ( 10 and 20 mgs ) and saw nothing. The lethargy was terrible for me ( I can't slack off at work at all ) and finally got the back cramps some reported. And for someone who worksout with over 400 in the DL for 10-12 reps on a weekly basis and is used to a sore lower back, my lower back cramping was close to crippling while on MT1, no ****. I also had a constant, minor but irritating headache 24/7 while on it.

    I followed those first two weeks with liquid clomid and was due to start the second run with MT1 today , but won't touch this **** again ! I had great results with T-1 Pro and that's what I'm sticking with ; good gains and zero negative side effects, not even the minor rash that some reported.

    This isn't a MT1 bash , just stating that pjam76 isn't the only one that had less than exciting results with MT1.

  21. maybe its just me but i really believe the backpain i had was kidney since it wasn't dead center where most of my muscles are but offset to the side a bit. i also believe thats why drinking lots of water got rid of it, and i mean lots. i think ti flushed out my kidney. i still will take m1t but i honestly think it was my kidney hurting...just my .02

  22. Finally, somebody with the same results as me, LOL.

    While I'm sure many people have had great results with M1t, only 2 of us haven't.

    That's my problem with most of these bullentin boards, not just this one, but many where, EVERYBODY claims I GAINED TEN POUNDS in TWO WEEKS on SO and SO and blah blah.

    I'd rather read a message where 50 people replied. Maybe 40 have seen success and only 10 haven't.

    It's hard to research products when most of the people who post either are with that specific company or are almost sleeping with that company. It's tried and true over and over again.

    Like anything I research, whether it's a car, a house, a computer, a game, a band or musician, supplements and so on, If i see that 80 people have used this or seen this and NOT ONE has a bad thing to say about it, i tend to not belive what they say.

    Because in life and reality, not every single person will see results or like something. It's like reading club and bar reviews.

    If there are 20 reviews and every single person LOVES the place, i usually won't even go because most of the people who reviewed it work for the place, or are friends with the owners.

    Same goes if there are 20 Reviews and everything is bad. Usually that means some opposing club or bar started the review.

    When I see 20 people review something and 15 say it's good and only 5 say it's bad, then I'll give it a chance. And so on.

    Like life, when 50 people agree on something, usually that means either, they are kissing the other persons behind, or it's the same few people posting over and over. Because as we all know, get a bunch of people in a room and most people can't even agree on who is the best baskeball player, bodybuilder, football player, etc. It's called being realistic when i research. People might agree, but not every single person will. That's just reality.

  23. Pjam76 ;

    I can assure you I'm not one that follows the crowd.

    I rarely used supplements and considered most total bull****. Every once in a while though, I'd let my guard down and be suckered into the newest item. And usually I felt like an idiot falling for it shortly after I began using the stuff - with zero results.

    Early last summer I saw the transdermal thing being discussed and decided to try Super One. Read the reviews and the figured I'd give it a try.

    Results : I saw difference in my appearence but it could have come from anything it was so minor. But there was a couple of pound increase in BW that I couldn't contribute to eating as I was eating very lean which I do in the summer and my body fat was down. Though I didn't see the 40lbs a month gains some reported ( yeah, right ! ) there was that four or five pound body weight increase so I attributed it to my scale being off. But it had me curious that something might have happened becsuse of the Super One.

    I don't know what made me decide on trying T-1 Pro probably because of the strength ( 10 grams of test in the 8 oz size ). So I started that and in about a week started seeing a physical difference but what was so convincing to me was the comments from everyone. These were people who always see me and just kept asking what the hell I was doing that I looked bigger than ever. I checked my weight and sure enough I was up in weight again - and was shocked as it was the firtst time I was at 190 without being soft.

    So, after being off of that I decided to try the M-1T. What a difference.

    Though I was expecting some sides from the transdermal ( a rash at least ) I got nothing at all - not even the lethargy that alot of people claimed was bad. With the M-1T I felt like **** from day one ; a headache 24/7 , terrible lethargy to where I turned into a big, lazy bastard and the the low back pains that one day nearly crippled me on an installation at work. My job is very physical and despite being tired or sore from workouts , that never got in the way of doing whatever I had to do. The low back problems I experianced in the second week of the M-1T wiped me out , no ****. Beside that, the libido ceased to exist. Though I'm alot older than most of you guys, this hasn't been a problem with me till the M-1T and at a bad time since I just started seeing someone recently. Christ , how embarrassing it would be for something not to be working when you need it to, LOL.

    None of these problems were associated with the T-1 Pro useage. I was to start my second run with the M1T after my two weeks with liquid clomid, but **** that ****.

    I just started another run with the T-1 Pro and just had two more bottles delivered today. They discontinued the 8 oz bottles for whatever reason just hope they didn't change whatever was inside.

    If you haven't tried this stuff , maybe you'll see something for it as I did. I can't believe I'm endorsing a BB supplement as I always thought they all were a crock of **** before T-1Pro.

    Obviously M-1T works for a lot of guys ere but for me it was awlful. Actually, today is the first time I felt good again since I tried the stuff ... it's definately not for me.

  24. pjam76, I'm with you. I've been using 20 mg for the first week and 30 mg for the past 1.5 weeks. So far I haven't noticed anything.

    I know when I took Molecular's 1-test ethergels it was 3 weeks before I noticed anything. I hoping this is the case with the M-1test. I'm trying it for 4 weeks.
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  25. What you guys say you haven't noticed anything, how little difference are you seeing? Small change in appetite? Very little pump? Higher heart rate, temperature. More intensity? Less soreness? I can believe you are seeing nothing, but I guess it's a matter of definition.

  26. Originally posted by sifu
    Am I the only one who is not getting basically any sides at all?
    Tomorrow begins day seven @ 50 mg/day.

    I feel great other than lethargic as hell all day.

    What causes this?

    All potent androgens stimulate the CNS.

    Why is this different?

    Is it causing insulin resistance?

    How many feel it is drastically raising IGF1 levels systemically and/or locally?


  27. Originally posted by Clarityandfocus

    Tomorrow begins day seven @ 50 mg/day.

    I feel great other than lethargic as hell all day.

    What causes this?

    All potent androgens stimulate the CNS.

    Why is this different?

    Is it causing insulin resistance?

    How many feel it is drastically raising IGF1 levels systemically and/or locally?

    You're using 50mg ed!?1?! Be careful man.

  28. Oh yeah...

    Instynct knows his ****. I view him as a mentor to me. He uses it and persuaded me to try it. Yes, I know he sells it, but he is not that way. He has integrity. He would not have suggested I use it if he did not know it works.

    When I first took methandrostenolone I thought it was fake also. I did not feel anything at 50 mg/day for almost two weeks. Then, all of a sudden it hit me like a bomb. Whew, I had to slam on the brakes. I thought I was going to explode. My blood pressure soared and I got headaches. I backpeddaled off to 25 mgs/day real quick, as I was on test/deca/eq as well.

    Maybe it will be the same with Methyl 1Test?

    My instincts tell me to stick with it and be patient (pardon the pun).


  29. Originally posted by z0rr0

    You're using 50mg ed!?1?! Be careful man.
    You guys have me worried.



  30. There are feedback reports from 250 pounders on 20 mg ED with excellent gains...and they are experienced gear users. IMO, 50 mg ED is WAY too much.

    ...but then again there are reports of bros usng 60 mg ED to great success and very few sides.



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