Aussie knowledge

  1. Aussie knowledge

    Hey guys,

    Im a relative newbie to this forum. Before I start, I am not phishing for sources.

    I am asking all the aussies on this forum and others who may have knowledge about the difficulty in gettin gear and ancillaries down under.

    I will not be using it for at least another 6 months but I just want to have a general idea of the probability of obtaining gear and pct.

    Mainly looking for longer lasting test (so I only have to shoot once a week or twice a week at the most) and the usual clomid and nolva. I am planning ahead (very ahead) for my first cycle but if the chance of me getting everything is dim I believe its best not to get my hopes up and look for other ways (ie. prohormones or 'legal steroids' you can buy from stores you know what i mean).

    So yeh, anyone whose been able to obtain gear in aus just give use your thoughts on how hard/easy it was to get.


  2. Hey guys dont be shy
    remember im not asking for any sources, just your views on the difficulty/probability of obtaining real gear.

    I know I can order pro-hormones pro-steroids such as epi and s-drol but im just more interested in injectable test for a big mass cycle.

    Prob most importantly im interested in pct products, nolva clomid, seen a few sites that claim to be discreet etc. but it sounds too good to be true when they say they will resend if its seized by customs.

    Personally, Id prefer an injectable test cycle over and OTC cycle but either way I would need a proper PCT.

    Also if im doing anything wrong or against the rules please let me known, or
    if you have any general advice regarding this please do reply...

    lol im feelin lonely here

  3. Mate i can see this thread getting shut down purely because of the nature of the discussion. Steriods can be obtained on the black market just like ecstacy,MDMA, cocaine etc. Of course they are available, how do you think the footy players get so big!!
    If you dont know anyone then its gunna be hard. If your best friend is a dealer it will be easier, get it?

  4. yeh i thought it was a bit inappropriate but im not asking for sources just about the level of difficulty in gettin them

    i know a fair few dealers (some of my friends deal and most use weekly/daily basis) but just nothing to do with juice its all x gunja etc.

    so what im saying is I have no idea even which type of ppl are involved with it. never really seen someone on juice either...

    so do ppl come up to you tryin to sell u juice (as it happens with x and coke in clubs) or do u have to kinda meet the right ppl by chance etc.

  5. dodgy thread.



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