Your opinion please:my cycle

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    Your opinion please:my cycle

    cycle test/tren/winny :

    sustanon week 1-2 1000 mg (2x/week)
    week 3-10 500 mg (2x/week)
    proviron week 2-10 50mg ed
    tren week 1-7 75 mg ed (7x/week)
    winny week 7-13 50 mg eod
    Week 13-16 : 5000IU/5000IU/2500IU/2500IU HCG / 5dagen
    Week 16-18 : 40mg Nolvadex /D
    Week 19-21 : 20mg Nolvadex /D
    (week 18 : 100mg clomid/d)
    (week 19-21 : 50 mg clomid/d)
    week 22-?? : cell tech

    What do you think of this cycle?

    My purpose is lean muscle mass, without water retension
    This is my third cycle

    stats: 1.73m 77kg bf 6/7%

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    Bro if your going for lean muscle not water retention why don't you use test prop. Second, if your going for lean muscle do not use cell tech. Use Swole or V12 creatine.

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