how do you become a member

  1. how do you become a member

    ok maybe i didnt look hard enough but i was thinking of becoming a paying member here or whatever the deal is and just couldnt find out how to go about doing it..


  2. A member of what? This forum? You're already a member.....

  3. no YJ .... hes talking about "the stuuuuff"....

  4. If you wondering about ordering at member prices . Go into the member section. Go into the member pricelist and order. Easy as that. Talk to ya..

  5. ALLAKAZAAM!!! (Waves my magic wand) You now have everything you may desire.

  6. can I be one too??? plz

  7. BAM!!  Noob, welcome to the club. Happy hunting.

  8. sorry guys...

    i though bdc had some donation type program set up...

  9. Jarconis,

    Nice avatar.

    Did you take that picture or is it off the net?


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