Strength and mass cycle!

  1. Strength and mass cycle!

    Hey everyone!
    I'm about to set up a cycle after not taking any AAS in like 4 years but in need to since I am jumping weight class's in my fighting league ( MMA ). Wont specify so dont ask. My experience so far with AAS has been minimal meaning Ive kept my cycles at low dosages of Test E with either D-bol or EQ, nada to crazy along with anti-estrogen and post cycle therapy! Since I need to jump up in weight and keep a leaner physique I was thinking about running a 12 week cycle of Test Cyp at 600mgs a week weeks 1-8, Tren at 400mgs weeks 6-12 and adding masteron the last 4 weeks 300mgs. Coarse as needed ill be using arimidex and hcg yada Anything else ya'll think I should use or maybe take out or run differently would be awsome!! thanks ya'll!


    Weight: 165
    Height: 5'7
    bodyfat: currently 8.3%, needs to be around 6% by dec. but with 10 extra pounds of muscle!

    Extra: As stated this cycle is intended to gain maybe 10-15 pounds and to keep bloating and fat gain to a min.. Diet will be strict but with added calories and then tappering off towards the end. I have a coach that will plan out the diet so no worries there and a trainer as well... Just need a lil help with the planning of the AAS! Thanks again!

  2. Have you ran masteron before? Its serious stuff

  3. lol... na i havent done it yet!
    always wanted to but was never able to get it...
    but now i can soo...
    my friend who is dieting for a show reccomended it to me...
    at first i was like wait what cuz the mixture of tren and masteron together!! serious mood swings not to mention the DHT build up!
    but he looks great right now so im willing to try it out!
    thats the problem with trying to gain while trying to watch your physique at the same time... doesnt really make sence but an extra 10 pounds is all i need... plus the agression would be nice to have lol... to bad for the GF! haha

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