Need Advic On Interesting Prosteroid Cycle! Thanks Guys

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    Exclamation Need Advic On Interesting Prosteroid Cycle! Thanks Guys

    Alright guys i need advice for my next prohormone/prosteroid cycle whatever you prefer. I am 24 and have done 6 prohormone cycles and two cycles of real gear. I ran superdrol 3 months ago and had great gains but my mind wasn't focused for that cycle and lost most of the gains. This cycle I plan to use what I have experienced works the best from past experience. I took a deca/superdrol/promagnon cycle two years ago and had the best results of any cycle I have ever run. I ran deca at 300 a week for 8 weeks, superdrol at 20 for 3 weeks and promagnon at 50 for 3 weeks. I gained 15 pounds of muscle but got an EXTREMELY lean look and my strength went through the roof. I am not a huge guy, I was 6'1 200 while on that cycle and I could bench 225 25 times. It was almost unreal how strong I got while on that cycle. For my next cycle I plan to run M-drol, H-drol and Winztrol. All prohormones and I have read good reviews about Winztrol. This is my sample cycle and I would appreciate any educated advice. I am not looking for people to give me **** for this cycle because your negative comments don't mean **** and I will ignore them. I am looking for help and any advice on how to make this cycle as good and safe as possible. This is what I plan on running
    M-drol Hdrol Winztrol
    20 - -
    20 50 -
    20 50 150
    - 50 150
    - 50 150
    - - 150

    I will run mdrol at 20 for first three weeks. Hdrol for 50 for weeks 2-5 and winztrol at 150 for weeks 3-6.

    I understand that I am running two methyls together and i also understand that many people think this is not smart. I have run this cycle before but instead of deca I am going to use the prohormone Winztrol. Any advice on what supplements to help protect my liver, bloodpressure and everything else would be great. Also what is the best legal PCT yall have used? I can't get my hands on illegal stuff so nolvadex is outta the question. Any help with this cycle will be great I plan on doing a log. Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mccledp View Post
    I am not looking for people to give me **** for this cycle because your negative comments don't mean **** and I will ignore them.
    Not sure what you call negative comments but the advice that I have is that if ancillaries like nolvadex are out of the question then so is the cycle. Not trying to be a d*ck just giving good, safe advice...

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