Biotest M + Nolva For PC?

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    Biotest M + Nolva For PC?

    I'm one week into my first 1-test/4AD stack (5g/10g) that will last a total of 6 weeks. I have a bottle of Nolvadex on hand for my Post Cycle Recovery and was thinking of stacking this with some Biotest M and/or some tribulus to get the boys back up and running.

    I know that 6-OXO is the preffered supplement, but it looks like all I can get in Canada is the Biotest M. Has anyone used or heard of it and is it an alright alternative to 6-OXO or would it just be a waste of money?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    You really need to do some reading and researching because this is like the 6 or 7th post cycle question this week... Nolva is good by itself..

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