I don't know how many weeks I'll do this, but since there is ANOTHER top-5 matchup this week and other huge ranked games, I had to do it again.

Here are the big games:

#2 Ohio State vs. #5 Oklahoma (OSU -7.5)

#3 Clemson vs. #13 Auburn (CLEM -5)

#6 USC vs. #14 Stanford (USC -6)

Some other fun games are:

#15 Georgia vs. #24 Notre Dame (ND -3)

#4 Penn State vs. Pitt (PSU -22) (Pitt got the upset win last year)

I'm going

OSU (high scoring affair; OSU's new secondary will struggle with Baker)
Clemson (Close last year, not this year)
Stanford (Yes, I'm taking the upset!)
Notre Dame (taking the rankings upset, but siding with Vegas, I suppose)
PSU (no way Pitt is taking it this year)