2016 World Series Baseball

  1. 2016 World Series Baseball

    "The game without a clock is about to begin a World Series that offers fans the time of their lives. And when it's all said and done, everybody associated with the winning team will have waited a lifetime for that thrill. The Cubs and the Indians had a combined championship drought of 176 years, a combined pennant drought of 89 years. So to see them on this stage tonight at Progressive Field, to know what this advancement means to their respective fan bases and know the context of this clash in the sport's long history is to appreciate what a special spectacle it is.

    It's about time."

    Heavy wait title: Cubs-Indians G1 tonight! | MLB.com

    I'm a Yankees fan and a fan of American League Baseball so I'm slanted a little toward Cleveland.

    These are the two most well like managers in baseball both by players and fans. Francona managed to break the Curse of the Bambino with the Red Sox. Madden led the Cubs to the best record in baseball 2016 and could be the one to break the curse of The Goat.

    The nostalgia and history for this series is phenomenal. I'm torn on who to support but as a fan of baseball I am excited to see what will be a very entertaining series.

  2. It still feels like a dream. I'm about to turn 38 next month, and wondered if I would ever see the Cubs in a World Series.

    I will cheer extra hard for my Grandma and Grandpa who have passed on. Both were also Cubs fans.

    Here's to a great series.

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  3. Great post. We are now living in a true historical time in baseball history. A time we will relate to for years to come, no matter who the winner of the day is.

    Glad to be here right now when only 10 years ago I may not have been.

    Thankful. Grateful.
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  4. CLEVELAND -- Each of the past 14 times the home team took Game 1 of the World Series, that team hoisted a championship trophy in the end. If the Cubs want to snap that streak after a 6-0 loss to Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller, Cody Allen and the Indians on Tuesday, the historical record suggests they would do well to win Game 2.

    According to Elias, in best-of-seven World Series that followed a 2-3-2 format, teams that lost Games 1 and 2 on the road came back to win the Series just seven of 38 times, or 18 percent. Road teams that managed a split increased their chances to 22 of 49 times, or 45 percent. It's the difference between very long odds and nearly even money.


    Being a Yankee fan I'm not much of a John Lester fan so it's safe to safe I'm not disappointed with his loss. That Cluber was outstanding and so was Andrew Miller although he had me on the edge of my seat as he pitched out if loaded bases. The Cubs need a win tonight if they want to stay in this series.

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