Jordan Burroughs No Gold

  1. Jordan Burroughs No Gold

    I can't believe that Jordan Burroughs was knocked out of medal contention. He's not even going to come home with a Bronze.

  2. Hard to believe. He's looked untouchable since his junior year at Nebraska. Haven't gotten to see his matches yet, though.
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  3. Yet another reason why IMO wrestling is the most demanding Olympic sport. Dudes win a gold one Olympiad and fail to qualify or medal constantly. Karam Gaber was one of the best Greco guys I've ever seen and dominated 2004 yet didn't even qualify for the quarters in 2008. Makes Karelin that much more impressive.
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  4. It breaks my heart, I really wanted him to win. And he became very emotional saying how he and his wife sacrificed so much these last 4 years. Missing a lot of those special moments with his children because he was always away training.

  5. Don't worry, his will be the greatest comeback of them all !

  6. Yeah it was depressing. He got started way too late with pushing the pace and forcing his style
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Afi140 View Post
    Yeah it was depressing. He got started way too late with pushing the pace and forcing his style
    I agree if he started with as much aggressiveness as he ended it, he would have won. imo


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