NCAA Big Dance

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  1. They are trying to make the comeback. Still plenty of time
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  2. Gonna be an epic finish I do believe
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  3. I'm watching it in the car on the way back to Colorado haha. Nevada has terrible service so it goes in and out a lot
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  4. Did any of you see the Louisville player snap his fibia right in half? Disgusting and hard to watch.
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  5. What on earth is a fibia

  6. My bad haha. Not fibia... fibula. Also I'm not quite sure if it was the fibula or tibia, but whatever bone it was, snapped clean in half.
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  7. Haha oh word I got u, he broke his leg clean in half?? During the game?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Walkerballer View Post
    Haha oh word I got u, he broke his leg clean in half?? During the game?
    Oh ya, you will see video on YouTube and pictures everywhere. Ill post a pic up now of it.
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  9. Not pretty at all.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by kbayne
    Not pretty at all.

    <img src=" 068"/>
    I don't ever want to see that replay again. Players on the Louisville bench were puking...

  11. I do not either. It was so horrible to watch.
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  12. Msnbc interviewed a prominent ortho guy, who says the kid should be fine, prolly not career ending...

  13. I was curious if he would be able to play again. Thats great news for the guy but going to take a very long time with healing the bone and rehab.
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  14. I'm a Kansas kid. I usually pull for all the Kansas teams. I expected KU and K State to go further than they did. Wichita is a tough team (they always are) with a lot of no-name players. They are good but what a suprise. It will be a difficult game against Lousiville. They look unbeatable.

  15. I predict Louisville and Michigan in the finals with Louisville winning. Smith and Siva are too quick. But Michigan as guards that match up better.
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  16. I think the injury to Kevin Ware will serve to motivate them to play harder especially with him on the bench.

  17. Wow, that was a sloppy 2nd half by Michigan. They have to play much better if they want to hang w Louisville...

  18. I got Louisville winning 65-60

  19. I think Louisville has this one
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