1. Kenyans

    I have to say "" Did anyone catch the men's 1500m race with Lopez Lamong and one of the Kenyans in it? The Kenyan's legs made up approximately 95% of his body. He was in last the majority of the time, but then kicked it in down the stretch, hardly making his legs work any harder, and effortlessly won the race.

    But seriously, the length of his legs were scary. If you didn't see this, try youtube.

  2. I saw it and was watching it with my two kenyan friends and we had no doubt he would win...he was just trying to make it more of a challenge
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  3. The relationship of his leg height to the rest of his body was more disproportioned than anything I've ever seen. He looked like an Arachnokenyan.

  4. Anyone know his name so I can find it on Youtube?

  5. Asbel Kipruto Kiprop; he ended up getting silver.


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