Welcome Sports Science Research!

  1. Welcome Sports Science Research!

    AM would like to welcome SSR to the team! A bit about them!

    Power, Strength, Ability, Authority, Sport Science Research (SSR). SSR is a new supplement company with a brand that will be known for its products, and for products that will be synonymous with performance. With a focus on extreme bodybuilding and athleticism, SSR is set to offer the next generation of high performing specialized products.

    What strategy does SSR have for supplying these supplements? Sport Science Research offers innovative nutritional supplements with a focus on quality and tangibility. Quality is the most familiar concept, yet we take its meaning further and include more than just ingredients. At SSR, quality begins with selecting the best ingredients, but also includes expert manufacturing, stable packaging, and a guarantee of attentive and satisfactory customer service. Regarding the idea of tangibility, SSR produces products that perform to the customerís satisfaction. This means that in order for us to release a product we first insure that it is worth the customerís precious investment. Tangibility means that when you buy an SSR product, you do not have to question whether it has been working, you will know it has. Instead of supplements with much hype but junk ingredients, or ones that work but by such a tiny amount that theyíre not worth the outrageous price tag, SSR products deliver, and we gladly stake our reputation on this fact.

    All of these points can be summed up in our MISSION STATEMENT:

    Sport Science Research will design relevant supplements for the sport enthusiast of every kind. Our supplements will be relevant because they will be designed and tested for results.


    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  2. Welcome aboard!

  3. Welcome!

  4. Thank you very glad to be here


  5. Welcome!!

  6. Welcome

  7. Welcome!

  8. A Hearty welcome to the board...anxious to see what you have in store.
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  9. welcome!

  10. Welcome!! Glad to see you guys over here.

  11. Hey guys, welcome aboard.
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  12. Welcome and hello.

  13. Welcome.

  14. Welcome.

    Looking forward to the sponsored logs of Methyl Extreme.

  15. Everyone thank you for the warm welcome

  16. Hey do you guys have any summer lab positions availible? I am a chem major at Brown University and would definitely be interested in such a position if it was there.


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