Details... what details? Just go and buy something

  2. this is great news.... how long will this last?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DormantFiber View Post
    this is great news.... how long will this last?
    Sale ends Monday Feb 9th.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nricciar View Post
    Sale ends Monday Feb 9th.
    Tut tut, party crasher

  5. Here is the full summary....

    First, I want to apologize for the incessant amount of sales we’ve been running here at THE PLANET. That’s right…we’re sorry for the endless barrage of money saving, deep discounted, over-the-top blowouts that keep you glued to your computer waiting to see what insane deal we’re running next. Well, here it is…enjoy!
    Cheap Thrills, Crazy Pills, and NutraPlanet

    Can you imagine that some people get upset when we unleash our massive sales? Well, aside from the competitors, the chief complaints we get from our loyal customers are, “I just ordered but forgot to add something!” or “You’re running another sale again, I want to get that deal but I just ordered!”.

    Well, unfortunately we can’t fully control when sales will hit or which products they will be; but your requests have not fallen upon deaf ears. For 7 days only, we’re running FREE FedEx ground shipping! Right in time to take advantage of the SICK DEALS on USPLabs:

    * Prime Twin Pack: Save $40!
    * SixPack Stack: Save Over $20!

    But wait, there’s MORE (so cliche)...

    You’re a smart guy, that’s why you shop at NutraPlanet—duh! But for the uneducated, I’m about to school you on how to save MAD CASH: NutraPlanet Style!

    * First, add the amazingly low priced items to your cart
    * Second, choose FREE SHIPPING
    * Third, type in your volume discount codes to save up to $25

    Now you’re a NutraPlanet Money Saving Aficionado! No one out there offers BLOWOUT SALES, Free Shipping, AND volume discount codes. So if you really want to follow the savings without compromising Award Winning Customer Service, you’ve come to the right place:!

    psst…there’s more deals coming soon (Primordial Performance) so no worries, with the FREE SHIPPING it won’t cost you anything extra!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Tut tut, party crasher

    my bad... us computer nerds are always crashing something

  7. yep, I saw the original posting here.... thanks,

  8. Talk of smoking deals!

  9. can we get a deal on international shipping just once? lol

    i love NP and i have got a lot of friends buying from you guys but unless several people want to order stuff in my area the shipping is a major deterrent.

  10. How long is this going to last? I was waiting on some things to come in stock but ended up putting in my order the last day of this free shipping. Now I notice it's still on? Hopefully the bulk formestane will come in stock before this ends!
    Thanks for the extra time...

  11. free shipping is extended til the end of the month.
    shipping is free, so just place your order and if the other items happen to come in before the free shipping is over just place another order.

    btw. i don't expect to see formestane in until next week.

  12. Getting close to that formestane... oh yea Hopefully this week guys!

  13. Free shipping forever........ pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!

    On a serious note, I have honestly upped my spending 500% bc of free shipping. So convenient!

  14. My order just says $14.95 shipping USPS, and I can't change the shipping method?

    What am I doing wrong?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Machine Mind View Post
    My order just says $14.95 shipping USPS, and I can't change the shipping method?

    What am I doing wrong?
    CS took care of me, I just clicked pay with money order and then they took out the shipping charge and ran my card.

    This free shipping thing is amazing, you guys could beat the other online retailers every time if you kept it around. Mass exodus to nutraplanet.

  16. Just wanted to update this thread for those who are following it.
    FREE domestic fedex shipping is now available on all orders over $75!


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