SHR # 1014 - One Man's Journey: 37 Years Of Basic Movements PLUS Distance Personal Training: Fast Food Approach To Fitness :: Guest: Liam Tweed and Molly Galbraith :: Tweed's story is very important to all of us who are using physical culture as part of the longevity prescription. Just because you train hard for decades does not mitigate the nutritional decisions we make. The margin for grace in this area narrows with age. Tweed is an example of a true Super Human. PLUS Galbraith identifies a growing trend of Personal Trainers who want to profit through increasing their client-base using the Internet and distance training and nutrition advice coming up short on their clients needs. The word "Personal" in Personal Trainer is being ignored in return for a "Cookie Cutter" approach. Women are the most often victimized by this. ::

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