SHR # 1058 :: RTDOSAHA #24: Programming: How To Include Olympic Lifting Into Your Strength Training Program PLUS Dieting Down While Gaining Strength PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup :: Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Rob Regish and Adel Moussa :: Coach Johnson discusses adding Olympic lifting to your current training program. How to integrate it and the do's and don'ts. PLUS Regish addresses the real secret to staing and getting stronger while dieting down body fat. PLUS Moussa covers re-addressing the French GMO Study - Ginseng - detecting prostate cancer and one mans complete reversal of prostate cancer using nutrition, exercise and avoiding these four things - the benefits of exercise and melatonin on Dimentia - how interval cardio training differes from slow steady cardio - The benefits women experience from resistance training - the choices women make when doing resistance exercise and how it effects their outcome - Plus more.

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