SHR # 1061 :: WSU Study Finds Dioxin Causes Disease And Reproductive Problems Across Generations :: Guest: Dr. Michael K. Skinner :: Dr. Skinner may be thought of as the "Father Of Transgenerational Epigenetics". His lab at Washington State University has looked at three generations of offspring of rats exposed to modest amounts of Dioxin and the results are not good. While Dioxin appears to occur in our environment from a variety of chemical agents, the greatest offender was an herbicide called Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War. This research is important not only to those who's fathers and grandfathers were exposed to it in the 60's and 70's but because Monsanto, one of the original producer of Agent Orange, is lobbying the FDA to allow them to reintroduce a diluted form back into agriculture to be sprayed on corn ans soy beans here in the USA. Listen and learn.

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