SHR # 1086 :: Silver In Medicine PLUS Why Even One "Junk-Food" Meal May Be Damaging PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup :: Guest: Dr. Alan Lansdown and Dr. Anil Nigam and Adel Moussa :: Dr Lansdown has spent the past twenty-five years studying the use of silver in medical health care and has written the definitive book used by clinicians - Silver in Healthcare: Its Antimicrobial Efficacy and Safety in Use (Issues in Toxicology) - We discussed what silver is good for, not good for and its safety. Different preparations are also investigated. PLUS Dr. Nigam looked at the acute effects of a single "junk food" breakfast meal obtained at a popular fast-food establishment and its effects on arterial health. He then compared this to the effects of a traditional Mediterranean meal. While saturated fat was implicated in his research, his opinion of ALL saturated fats being equal was also discussed. PLUS Moussa covers science in the news. Aspartame: Is It Safe - Do Artificial Sweeteners Contribute To Obesity - Why Oatmeal May Work At Making People Lean - An Alternative Sweetener That May Actually Lower The Glycemic Index Of Accompanying Carbohydrates - The Darker The Tea - Milk Thistle And Auto-Immune Disorders - How DHEA May Affect Breast Cancer

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