SHR # 1095 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Cigarette Smoking Has Trans-generational Epigenetic Effects :: Guest: Rob Regish and Dr. John Torday :: Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS The BluePrint Tip Of The Day. PLUS It is well understood that direct fetal exposure to Nicotine has specific effects on the lung tissue that causes asthma. What Dr. Torday's group looked at was the trans-generational effects on second generation pups of female rats exposed to the nicotine in cigarettes and the results are quite alarming. The question of where the epigenetic effects may cease appears to indicate that it continues beyond the second generation. Also discussed are the effects of third-hand-smoke exposure and how its proportionally more damaging that most understand. This is a must-hear interview.

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