SHR # 1096 :: Viagra Is Good For The Brain PLUS Does Ephedrine Damage The Heart PLUS Women Who Think They Are Physically Active Still Sit Too Much PLUS Shift Work Causes Cancer :: Guest: Dr. Michael Chopp and Dr. Anne Grippo and Dr. Lynette Craft and Dr. Erhard Haus :: This is a fast moving show as we cover several important topics. Dr. Chopp's group is looking for ways to help the brain recover and heal itself after a stroke or traumatic injury. Viagra has some remarkable and promising effects. PLUS Many people use Ephedrine and stack it with Caffeine and/or Nicotine. Dr. Grippo's group looks at the effects on the heart of each of these individually and and combined and there appears to be some issues. PLUS Even when women spend the morning in the gym they still tend to sit too long throughout the day. Dr. Craft gives some great advice on how to avoid the damning metabolic effects from this phenomenon. PLUS It can't be discussed often enough. Sleep disruption leads to disease. Dr. Haus discusses how shift workers are at greater risk of the most aggressive cancers and what can be done about it.

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