SHR # 1097 :: RTDOSHA # 27: Squat Basics PLUS Barbell, Dumbbell And Machine Lifts That Deserve Your Efforts PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup :: Guest: Coach Wade Johnson and Rob Regish and Adel Moussa :: The discussion begins with a lift Coach Johnson calls his bread-n-butter lift.. the squat. His approach to executing this bone-density-building lift is quite different than anyone else you will ever hear. We then move to free-weight and machine movements worth their test of time and we see here that both Regish and Johnson completely agree so it must be true. PLUS Moussa serves up one of the most cohesive episodes in all time with an emphasis on testosterone and cardio training and conditioning. The best testosterone booster and all around health supplement you've never heard of. The testosterone levels of obese pubertal boys. How simply supplementing with garlic can change your cardio training effects. Plus lots more!

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