SHR # 946 -RTDOSAHA Part 14: You're Never Too Old To Compete PLUS Using A Contract Manufacturer To Get Into The Supplement Business PLUS Gov. Rick Snyder Of Michigan Sells Out To Pork Producers :: Guest: Rob Regish - Coach Wade Johnson and Osagie Osunde and John Moody :: Regish and Johnson discuss the realities of older competitors regardless of your chosen sport. Can older competitors expect to be able to compete at the current levels of performance? PLUS Osunde explains how personal trainers, gym owners, or anyone for that matter can can launch their own supplement line using contract manufacturing. Its easier than I thought PLUS Moody discusses Governor Rick Snyder's administration handing over the private hog farming industry to the largest pork producers in the State. Also we discuss the current status of the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund's law suit against the FDA. The FDA does not hide the fact that they feel its not your fundamental right to health or to eat what you'd like to eat. ::

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