SHR # 1161 :: How Vitamin E Prevents Cancer PLUS How Length Of DNA Can Predict Life Expectancy PLUS How Obesity Leads To Vitamin D Deficiency :: Guest: Dr. Ching-Shih Chen and Dr. John Carlquist and Dr. Elina Hypponen :: This is a fast moving information packed show. Dr. Chen discusses research that clears up the question of whether or not Vitamin E can prevent cancer. His group has also created a more efficient form of Vitamin E with 20 times the cancer-fighting effects that will surely be a product snatched up by Big Pharama PLUS Dr. Carlquist expands on the telomere discussion and points to research that shows the length of DNA strands does in fact mean something when looking at life expectancy PLUS Dr. Hypponen's group elucidates the linkage between Vitamin D status and obesity and what role supplementation may play in controlling obesity related diseases. ::

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