SHR # 1183 :: Increasing Potassium Intake May Have Global Health Benefits PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup :: Guest: Professor Graham MacGregor - Adel Moussa :: Professor MacGregor has determined through meta-analysis of the available research that by asking people to reduce their sodium intake marginally while increasing their potassium intake hundreds of thousands of heart attacks and strokes can be avoided. PLUS SuppVersity Science Roundup picks up from there and looks at - The Link Between Sodium And Heart Disease - Post Menopausal Women At Greatest Risk When Supplementing With Calcium - Calcium In The Diet Is Usually Adequate - More Vegetables Yields Better Folate Levels - More Reasons Not To Be A Vegan: Missing Minerals - True Or False: Fat With Carbs Reduces Insulin Response - The Interplay Between Sodium, Potassium, Insulin Resistance And High Blood Pressure - Acidity In The Body As A Contributor - Plus More ::

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