SHR # 1186 :: The Blueprint Power Hour PLUS Strong Curves: A Woman's guidee To Building A Better Butt And Body :: Guest: Rob Regish - Bret Contreras - Kellie Davis :: Regish delivers answers - Headaches While Squatting.... What to Do - What's My Lower Back Trying To Tell Me - Is Mike Mentzer's HIT Training The Real Deal - Creatine Monohydrate With Apple Juice And Insulin Release - BCAA Formulas For Fat Loss - PLUS BluePrint Tip Of The Day: Two Most Under-Rated Lifts You're Not Using To Grow Big - PLUS Contreras And Davis just published their long-anticipated book to help women develop a butt to be proud of. We talk about what to do to build a better butt even if your genetics didn't provide one. Also covered the do's and don't of cardio, does diet effect butt development, best exercises, rep ranges, and much more. This is not just for women. Guys who want better glute strength and activation will get some good tips out of this interview. ::

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