SHR # 1208 :: Did Tobacco Companies Corrupt The Institute Of Medicine For Favorable Report PLUS FDA May Take Away Bio-Identical Hormones PLUS Smoking, Sugar, Spirits and 'Sin' Taxes: Higher Price Would Help Health, Mayo Clinic Doctors Say :: Guest: Dr. Stanton Glantz - Dr. Steven Hotze - Dr. Michael Joyner :: Dr. Glantz and his colleagues looked at documents that were once kept secret by the Tobacco Industry to determine that they influenced a report created by the Institute Of Medicine designed to provide actionable steps to make the industry accountable for its products killing people. PLUS Dr. Hotze explains that a new Senate Bill contains last-minute inserted language that would give the FDA complete control over Compounding Pharmacist's ability to continue to fill prescription for their clients on Hormone Replacement. What you can do to stop them is also explained. PLUS Dr. Joyner lays out a compelling argument for the utilization of a tax on high-risk behaviors such as cigarette smoking, consuming too much alcohol and over-consumption of refined sugars could influence health in the people that need it most. The bigger questions is, will Government use the tax dollars for the purposes intended? ::

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