SHR # 1224 :: Glutathione The Master Defender PLUS The Effectiveness Of Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections PLUS The Morality Molecule :: Guest: Dr. Tomas Levy - Dr. John Crisler - Paul Zak :: Glutathione has antioxidant and detoxification effects. It has also been shown in a variety of studies to be beneficial in treating several diseases as well as allowing people to age and perform better. But supplementing with it requires very costly infusions. The infusions also have drawbacks. Dr. Levy discusses how liposomal delivery makes this molecule for supplementation. PLUS One of the barriers to TRT for men is the frequent intra-muscular injections. Dr. Crisler has now accumulated enough real-life data that shows subcutaneous may not only be an alternative, but possess some real advantages. PLUS Zak has spent his career as a neuroscientist searching for the origins of moral behavior. Is fairness, altruism, empathy and goodness learned behavior? Or do some of us possess the biology that creates these virtues in us? Listen and learn. ::

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